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RUPES D-A System 7 Inch Pads

New low-profile, heat-dispersing design!

The pads featured in the RUPES D-A System feature a low-profile design that reduces the height of the pad which makes for a smoother, more balanced polishing experience. On top of that, these pads are designed with a type of foam that helps to regulate heat on the surface of the pad, reducing the likelihood of burn-throughs and clear coat failure. The contoured edge design of these pads allows for more stability and control while working on the curves and edges of the vehicle.

These revolutionary pads were designed to be used with the RUPES BigFoot LHR Mark III long-throw polishers and the compounds and polishes in the RUPES D-A System.

Use with a 6 inch backing plate.
7 inch (180 mm)

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