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Rupes Bigfoot Nano iBrid Long Neck - POLISHER ONLY

Rupes Bigfoot Nano iBrid Long Neck - POLISHER ONLY

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Do you already have all of the accessories and just need another iBrid Nano tool? Here you go! This unit is the POLISHER ONLY and includes no extra batteries, chargers, or accessories.

Polishes the smallest areas of your paint with ease!

Since the start of their company in 1947, Rupes has been developing quality products with an aim at efficiency! Rupes has continuously raised the bar higher and higher for the standard of machine polishers. The invention of the Rupes BigFoot Nano iBrid only stands to solidfy this legacy further! The Rupes BigFoot Nano iBrid is easily one of the most unique and boundary pushing machines to come out in the history of detailing. This light-weight, easy to control polisher allows you to polish area of your paint that you were sure could not be touched!

The ability to use 1 inch pads with your Rupes BigFoot Nano iBrid allows you to effectively polish areas such as your grill, your exhaust pipe, and many many more! The Rupes BigFoot Nano iBrid is capable of using brush attachments that allow you to scrub dirt and grime off of the more difficult to reach areas of your vehicle.

The Rupes BigFoot Nano iBrid can be powered entirely with lithium ion batteries, which means it can be used completely without a cord! The Rupes BigFoot Nano iBrid will allow you to work on even the most recessed area of your engine bay and paint without worry thanks to its cordless design. If you are a person who prefers to use corded machines, you can still plug the Rupes BigFoot Nano iBrid in!

The Rupes BigFoot Nano iBrid can also be switched between a 3mm rotary polisher and a 12mm random orbital polisher at the flick of a switch. This allows you to customer fit your polishing method to fit your current need!

The Rupes BigFoot Nano iBrid comes with a charger and two lithium ion batteries. Each battery can power the Rupes BigFoot Nano iBrid under full load for 30 minutes at a time. With a 22-24-minute recharge rate and two batteries, you will always have a fully charged and ready to go back-up battery when you need it! You will be able to tell when your Rupes BigFoot Nano iBrid is running low on juice because there are LED light on the side of the machine that indicate how much charge is left!

This is the POLISHER ONLY. This does not include any batteries, charger, or accessories.

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