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The ShMITT Multi-purpose Foam Wash Mitts

The ShMITT Multi-purpose Foam Wash Mitts
Double-sided foam mitts from the makers of The Edge 2000 pads!

The makers of the Edge 2000 foam pads have reinvented the wash mitt! By forming a pocket between two layers of their unique foam compositions, they’ve made a foam wash mitt that retains its shape, sheds dirt and fits your hand like a glove.

Faster: holds more suds, won't snag, and won't fall off your hand.  Easier: No sloppy corners, hoses clean in seconds, no need to grip -- LESS FATIGUE.  More Effective: reaches tight spots, foam texture, doesn't deteriorate with use.  Safer:  Won't hold grit, prevents scratching.  Better Value:  After scores of washes, the ShMITT still performs like new.

The Shmitt is a multi-purpose foam mitt that uses soap-retaining foam to wash the vehicle. While natural sheepskin and sea sponges are excellent tools, they have a much shorter life span than engineered foam. The ShMITT utilizes material that has already been proven safe and effective on vehicle surfaces because it’s the same foam found in Edge 2000 pads.

The ShMITT is available in these varieties:
White/Yellow Wash ShMITT: Wash with the gentle white foam front. This is the same foam found in the Edge white ultrafine polishing pad. The soft, closed-cell foam sheds dirt, rather than retaining it. Dirty water is able to escape from under the mitt thanks to the convoluted wave surface. Since the dirt is not rubbed into the paint, wash-induced swirls are less likely.

Because the ShMITT is made of smooth foam, it will not leave threads or fibers behind on the vehicle. The solid foam mitt maintains its shape through countless uses. The beveled edge allows the ShMITT to clean in crevices and seams easily.

The backside of this ShMITT is made from coarse yellow foam. This foam works well as a spot scrubber to remove insects and tar from your vehicle’s exterior. Use it on lower body panels and problem areas as you wash your vehicle.

ShMITT - Ergonomic designed Wash mitt will fit your hand like a glove!

Edge Wheel Schmitt
Black Wheel ShMITT: The black foam is very coarse. The black ShMITT is best used for scrubbing wheels, tires, and the undercarriage. It can also be used for stubborn spots on interior vinyl, but not if it’s already been used on the tires or undercarriage. This could cause cross-contamination. Our recommendation is to reserve this mitt for cleaning wheel wells and tires. The rugged foam will easily dislodge tar and grime using your regular car shampoo and water, or a degreaser, like DP Cleanse-All exterior surface cleaner.

Yellow/White Interior ShMITT: Clean interior surfaces with this slightly coarser yellow foam. The yellow foam can be used to safely clean leather, vinyl, dashboards, and door panels. Since these materials are often textured, the light scrubbing ability of the yellow foam expertly cleans uneven surfaces. The beveled edge allows you to effectively clean the seams and crevices of your vehicle’s interior. The mitt design makes it quick and easy to clean curves, corners, concave spaces, and crevices without dropping your ShMITT.

The white backside of the Interior ShMITT is the same soft, absorbent foam found in the original Wash ShMITT. This smooth, soft foam applies leather conditioners and protectants in a thin, even coat with no mess. Easily follow the curves of interior surfaces with the comfortable ShMITT to apply products all over, even the sides of the seats that were formerly hard to access.

All White ShMITT: This all white ShMITT is made of the soft, absorbent foam on both sides. It is essentially the same as the Yellow/White Wash ShMITT except it is completely made of white foam. Two sides of soft, white foam are ideal for washing around mirrors and door handles, where you may be washing two surfaces simultaneously. Both sides of this ShMITT are equally gentle.
Our Softest ShMITT give you the gengle touch you need for hig-quality detailing, interior work and other delicate tasks.  Two-sided pad saves time -- for instance, apply dressing with the back, then buff with the Edge Wave Convoluted front.  Durable but ultra-soft 100 pores per inch foam distributes band pressure more evenly than towels or wool mitts.  Penetrate grooves and recesses easily with patendted Edge bevel design.  Stays on your hand -- no wasted time cleaning shop grit out of a dropped cleaning tool.

You can also use the All White ShMITT strictly as an applicator. Spread thin, neat layers of tire dressings, rubber and vinyl dressings, and vinyl convertible top protectants. This ShMITT can also be used for interior product application. The soft foam will not mar surfaces or leave lint. For porous surfaces, you may find the convoluted wave side more effective; for smooth surfaces, use the flat side of the ShMITT.
The ShMITT fits snugly over your hand. It will not slip off during use or become awkward to handle when wet. The foam becomes evenly saturated with soapy water and maintains its shape better than any traditional mitt. By squeezing the foam, you can actually generate more suds and continue washing for longer periods without reloading the mitt.

Plus, the ShMITT dries quickly to avoid mildew or mold formation. Rinse and wring it out after each use. Lay flat to dry.

The ShMITT is a whole new way to wash your vehicle! Each type of Shmitt gives you unparalleled control and comfort as you wash. The snug fit, durable construction and unique foam compositions will make you an instant fan of the ShMITT.

Features of both the ShMITT Wash Mitt and the Wheel ShMITT:
  • Fits like a glove, not a bag
  • Ergonomic design reduces carpal tunnel stress
  • Completely manmade materials
  • Saves water – rinses clean in seconds
  • Environmentally responsible manufacturing: all materials are recycled
  • Foam resists deterioration so texture stays consistet
  • Won’t rot or mildew

Fast, friendly service. Highest quality products available anywhere! Completely satisfied I recommend Wolfgang. There was no put on hold to speak to knowledgeable Sales Rep for advice who understood clearly what is in their complete product line and was very helpful. Truly German American Technology at it's finest. Thanks Wolfgang - Jay, G.