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Shut-Off Valves

Turn one spigot into two or four! When one spigot just doesn’t meet your needs, split the water flow between two or four hoses by adding a connector. Or, you can add a single connector valve between two hoses. Connector shut-off valves allow you to shut off water flow with the twist of a valve rather than turning off the spigot entirely. The swivel connector ring at the top of each connector is made out of heavy duty plastic with molded tabs so you can easily connect and disconnect from the spigot or another hose. The swivel connector prevents kinks by allowing the hose to turn. All the connectors listed here attach to a standard spigot or male hose end. Choose from 2 models: G-O3V Single Brass Connector Shut-Off Valve
Attach one hose to this single valve connector. The swivel connector gives you maximum maneuverability with the hose by allowing the hose to turn where it connects to the spigot. This valve can also be used as an inline shut-off valve. A quick turn of the valve shuts off the water flow so you can turn the water on and off as needed for jobs that don’t require constant water flow. Constructed from brass, the shut off valve can withstand hot water and high water pressure.

G-13 Dual Brass Connector Shut-Off Valve
The dual connector accommodates two hoses. If you use both hoses simultaneously, the water coming out of the faucet will be divided evenly between the two hoses. You can perform two jobs at once if desired. If you need the maximum available water pressure – to wash your vehicle, for example – turn off the water flow to one hose by simply twisting the valve.

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