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2 in 1 Sheepskin Wash Mitt with Nylon Bug Sponge

2 in 1 Sheepskin Wash Mitt with Nylon Bug Sponge

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A superior wash at your fingertips!

Super plush 100% genuine Sheep wool on one side, combined with a nylon mesh overlay on the other. The Sheepskin & Mesh Wash Mitt offers the best of both worlds. Genuine Sheep Wool is a luxurious natural material. It is ever so gentle, and always non-abrasive.

The super-soft long strands of wool in the Sheepskin & Mesh Wash Mitt hold an abundance of soapy water, loosening dirt and filtering it away from your car’s surface. The Sheepskin & Mesh Wash Mitt is soft and gentle, unlike sponges that can actually scrub dirt into paint leaving behind unsightly swirl marks.

The unique nylon mesh side of the Sheepskin & Mesh Wash Mitt is woven to gently scrub away even the toughest, most glued on bug-glub and turnpike tar! The mesh grabs the offending grime at its base, where it meets the surface, prying and lifting the dirt away.

This one-size-fits-all Wash Mitt fits comfortably on your hand. The elastic wristband prevents the mitt from slipping off while in use. Thick with luxurious sheep wool, the mitt remains flexible and easy to manipulate during washing.

Use the Sheepskin and Mesh Wash Mitt on all your exterior surfaces with confidence. It’s great for getting into those hard to reach edges and tight corners – especially on road wheels! This handy wash mitt easily meets the challenge of tough road grime. Use the ultra-soft sheep wool side for unparalleled soaping, to cut through grease and grime. The nylon mesh will gently tackle the tough spots, even when the bugs have “baked” on! This combination consistently delivers a superior clean!

When used dry, the sheepskin side of the mitt is great for dusting interior and exterior surfaces. It’s even perfect for use around the house to gently dust delicate furniture and electronic components.

The Sheepskin & Mesh Wash Mitt is ideal for washing all your vehicles…pamper your motorcycle, ATV, RV, or boat and experience the luxurious and gentle wash you can only get with 100% Genuine Sheep Wool.

Caring for this product is easy. Wash in the washing machine on the delicate cycle. The Sheepskin and Mesh Wash Mitt should always be allowed to air dry.

This two-sided mitt is loved by enthusiasts and detailers who want a luxurious wash and cleaning mitt that works hard and delivers great results!

7.5 inch x 10 in.

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