Tornador Cone With Brush

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item description:

Agitate stubborn spots while cleaning with the Tornador!

The Tornador Cone With Brush gently loosens stubborn dirt as you clean with the Tornador Car Cleaning Gun. No separate brush is needed! The air flow from the Tornador vibrates the bristles for constant, effortless cleaning. The Tornador Cone With Brush is perfect for cleaning delicate or hard-to-reach surfaces.

The Tornador Cone With Brush does the work of two tools! Instead of loosening debris with one hand and holding the cleaning gun in the other, the Tornador Cone With Brush enables your Tornador Car Cleaning Gun to do both! Agitate stubborn dust in air vents or in console seams. Clean exterior emblems and the seams of convertible tops. The Tornador Cone With Brush makes your Tornador Car Cleaning Gun even more effective on the hard-to-clean surfaces of your vehicle.

The Tornador Cone With Brush is excellent for cleaning delicate instrument panels or fabrics. The soft bristles are safe on any surface. They provide a soft buffer zone between the surface being cleaned and the plastic cone on the Tornador. You can clean the plastic stereo face or headliner at a safe distance. Plus, the bristles help deflect loose debris away from the delicate surface to prevent scratching.

The Tornador Cone With Brush simply replaces the plastic tube that is included with the Tornador Car Cleaning Gun. Just attach the Cone Brush and use the Tornador as you usually do. The brush design assists with noise reduction, too.

Make an incredible cleaning tool even better with the Tornador Cone With Brush!

Fits Tornador Car Cleaning Gun Z-010.



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