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Wolfgang Uber Wash & Wax

Wolfgang Uber Wash & Wax

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Wolfgang Uber Wash & Wax is an effective and time-saving addition to anyone detailing arsenal. By using Wolfgang Uber Wash & Wax, you’ll be able to cut your weekend detailing time in half. Wolfgang Uber Wash & Wax does double duty by thoroughly cleaning your paint surface of debris and contaminants while simultaneously applying a hyrdrophobic layer of carnauba protection! The gloss that Wolfgang Uber Wash & Wax leaves behind will make you wonder why you ever used a traditional car wash in the first place!

Car washes are the number 1 staple of detailing and they’re the product that started the detailing phenomenon (obsession?) that we have today! From day one they’ve been used to safely remove surface contaminants from your vehicle’s surfaces and to leave a clean finish behind. Well it wasn’t long before improvements were made – and the Wolfgang Uber Wash & Wax was born!

Wash and wax products aren’t new to the detailing industry, but recent advancements in technology have made better products available! Wolfgang Uber Wash & Wax uses a carnauba base with enhanced polymers added to create a formula that safely removes contaminants while also enhancing the finish of your vehicle. These polymers bond with your already-existing paint sealant or wax to enhance and upgrade.

Wolfgang Uber Wash & Wax uses only the best ingredients to provide a natural gloss with ease. Perfect for that weekly daily-driver wash, Wolfgang Uber Wash & Wax protects your surface and keeps it shining!

16 oz.

Directions for use:

Mix 5 gallons of water and 1-2 oz. of Uber Wash & Wax in a bucket, using a strong jet of water to generate suds. Saturate your wash mitt/sponge/brush with the solution and begin washing your vehicle panel by panel. It is best to start at the top of your vehicle and rinse each panel as you wash it. Once you are finished washing, dry your paint completely.

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