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Ultimate Detailing Machine™ Dual Action Orbital Polisher with FREE BONUS!

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FREE for a limited time! Receive 4 Wolfgang™ Low Profile 5.5 inch Orange Light Cutting Pads FREE with the purchase of this item. (Retail value $27.96)

The dual action polisher for detailers who are serious about paint correction.

The Ultimate Detailing Machine is a complete system for cleaning and polishing the modern automobile. Modeled after the “industry standard” Porter Cable 7424 automotive polisher, the Ultimate Detailing Machine offers more power, smoother operation, and more standard features.

The Ultimate Detailing Machine™ is a dual action random orbital polisher that bridges the gap between the Porter Cable 7424 and a rotary buffer. The UDM retains all the user-friendly features of the Porter Cable but it has 20% more power to level paint swirls and imperfections that were formerly only removable with a rotary or circular buffer. Yet, the Ultimate Detailing Machine™ retains the dual action orbital motion that reduces the risk to the paint.

What gives the Ultimate Detailing Machine™ the power to remove deep swirls and scratches? It has a 4.2 AMP motor, compared to the Porter Cable’s 3.7 AMP motor. This 20% increase in power gives the UDM increased cutting power to level paint imperfections and remove oxidation.

The Ultimate Detailing Machine™ works harder but you don’t have to! The machine operates smoothly because it has a high quality concentric offset head unit. There is a noticeable increase in power and torque with the UDM but no significant increase in vibration.
Compared to other orbital polishers, the UDM performs more smoothly and has more power to remove paint imperfections.

The Ultimate Detailing Machine™ gives detailers and hobbyists a stepping stone between the Porter Cable 7424 and a rotary. The PC doesn’t begin to match the power of a rotary, but it is effective at removing most swirls and greatly improving scratches and deeper swirls. Until now, if you really wanted to remove those severe swirls, you had to take the leap to a rotary machine – maximum leveling power and maximum risk of burning the paint.

The Ultimate Detailing Machine™ falls in the middle of these two types of polishers. The UDM is a dual action orbital polisher, like the 7424, but its larger motor gives it more leveling ability than any orbital machine. You can actually burn the paint with the UDM, whereas burning the paint is virtually impossible with the 7424. Burning the paint is very unlikely with the UDM because of the orbiting pad, but it is possible. Compare that slim possibility to the high probably of burning the paint with a rotary if you’re not experienced with one. The Ultimate Detailing Machine™ gives you a more powerful tool without the huge learning curve.

There is no learning curve with the Ultimate Detailing Machine™ if you’ve ever used a Porter Cable 7424. The speeds are the same and all the same accessories fit the Ultimate Detailing Machine™. The UDM has the same thread. If you’ve used a polisher, you will be comfortable using the UDM right out of the box.

Here’s another reason why the Ultimate Detailing Machine™ makes sense: automakers are moving towards harder, scratch-resistant clear coats. These finishes can still become scratched but it is more difficult to correct the paint, particularly with a machine that isn’t really designed for cutting. The Ultimate Detailing Machine™’s stronger motor compensates for the harder paint so the polisher still works effectively. Yet, it’s not a rotary so the UDM is very safe and easy to use, even for novice detailers.

The Ultimate Detailing Machine includes a storage bag.The Ultimate Detailing Machine™ comes with:
- Random Orbit Polisher
- Two-tone (red & black) canvas bag
- 5" Flexible Backing Plate
- 6.5" Foam Polishing Pad
- Side Handle
- Wrench
- 24 page color instruction manual
- Warranty card
- 1-year replacement warranty

The Ultimate Detailing Machine™ is a great value. It includes a reusable, hook and loop backing plate and a canvas bag, and it is overall a more solid, rugged polisher. And you do not have to replace all your current dual action pads and backing plates. Your existing accessories will work with the Ultimate Detailing Machine™.

The Ultimate Detailing Machine produces 2500-6000 oscillations per minute. Compare that to hand polishing!The Ultimate Detailing Machine™ works with Lake Country and The Edge 2000 pads. The Edge DA adapter does fit this polisher.

The operation of the Ultimate Detailing Machine is easy. Keep the polisher moving and avoid applying pressure. The polisher will literally do the work for you.

1-3 Waxing and buffing
3-4 Polishing and cleaning
5-6 Swirls and scratches

The Ultimate Detailing Machine™ gives you more leveling power, a more rugged, durable housing, surprisingly smooth operation, and more standard accessories. It is the dual action polisher for detailers who are serious about paint correction. Try it for yourself to experience the difference.

  • 4.2 Amp motor, AC Only
  • Electronic variable speed 2,500-6,000 OPM
  • Random, swirl-free polishing action
  • Functions: waxing, buffing, polishing and scratch/swirl mark removal
  • Spiral/bevel gears for smooth operation
  • 100% ball and roller bearing construction
  • Standard Equipment: Polisher, 5" Velcro® backing plate, white polishing pad, canvas carrying bag, wrench, and operator's manual

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