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ULTI-MIT Wash Mitts Combo

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Dirt-channeling grooves protect your vehicle as you wash!

The ULTI-MIT Wash Mitts are foam mitts designed to clean well while protecting vehicle surfaces from swirl-causing dirt. Two varieties of foam are included. The red foam is soft and gentle on the paint. The yellow foam scrubs wheels and tires. The ULTI-MIT Wash Mitts are innovative and long-lasting tools to get your vehicle clean.

Combo includes:

ULTI-MIT Wash Mitt
The ULTI-MIT Wash Mitt by Lake Country is a foam wash mitt composed of dozens of foam tabs that gently massage the paint to loosen dirt. The foam sheds dirt, rather than trapping it, so the paint rinses clean without leaving swirls. Grit migrates between the dozens of soft foam tabs. As the tabs massage the paint, loosening dirt, they push the dirt into these channels. From there, the dirt runs off the paint in the soapy water. This is how the ULTI-MIT Wash Mitt prevents wash-induced swirls and scratches.

ULTI-MIT Wheel and Tire Scrubber
The ULTI-MIT Scrubber Wheel Mitt has the same great design as the wash mitt with coarser foam thatís perfect for gently scrubbing wheels. The ULTI-MIT Scrubber Wheel Mitt safely cleans the wheel face and the foam tabs surround wire spokes to remove brake dust. The flexible foam mitt gives you great access between spokes. This yellow foam by Lake Country is not the same as their cutting foam. The ULTI-MIT Scrubber Wheel Mitt is safe on chrome, aluminum, clear coated and painted wheels.

Besides a smart design, the ULTI-MIT Mitts protect your vehicle by holding lots of soapy water for excellent lubrication. Each mitt is 100% foam so the entire mitt becomes drenched in wash water each time you reload the mitt. Optimal lubrication plus a dirt-shedding design will give your vehicle great protection against swirls.

The ULTI-MIT Mitt is comfortable and easy to use. The mitt fits your hand snugly and doesnít lose its shape when wet. The mitt covers your hand in foam on all sides so you can clean between grill slats and in crevices with greater ease. The flexible foam hugs the curves of your vehicle and the foam tabs allow it to pass over most emblems and trim without snagging.

Combo includes:
ULTI- MIT Red Wash Mitt
ULTI-MIT Yellow Tire & Wheel Scrubber

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