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ULTI-MIT Wash Mitt

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Let this foam mitt do your dirty work!

The ULTI-MIT Wash Mitt by Lake Country is a foam wash mitt composed of dozens of foam tabs that gently massage the paint to loosen dirt. The foam sheds dirt, rather than trapping it, so the paint rinses clean without leaving swirls. The ULTI-MIT Wash Mitt lasts through wash after wash!

The ULTI-MIT Wash Mitt glides over the paint without snagging or tearing. Grit migrates between the dozens of soft foam tabs. As the tabs massage the paint, loosening dirt, they push the dirt into these channels. From there, the dirt runs off the paint in the soapy water. This is how the ULTI-MIT Wash Mitt prevents wash-induced swirls and scratches.

Besides a smart design, the ULTI-MIT Wash Mitt protects your vehicle’s paint by holding lots of soapy water for excellent lubrication. The mitt is 100% foam so the entire mitt becomes drenched in wash water each time you reload the mitt. Optimal lubrication plus a dirt-shedding design will give your vehicle great protection against swirls.

The ULTI-MIT Mitt is comfortable and easy to use. The mitt fits your hand snugly and doesn’t lose its shape when wet. The mitt covers your hand in foam on all sides so you can clean between grill slats and in crevices with greater ease. The flexible foam hugs the curves of your vehicle and the foam tabs allow it to pass over most emblems and trim without snagging.

The foam that comprises the ULTI-MIT Wash Mitt is finishing foam made by Lake Country. It has no cut and is completely nonabrasive. Use it on glass, chrome, clear coat – you name it. The ULTI-MIT Wash Mitt will not scratch.

The ULTI-MIT Wash Mitt cleans like a pro. The individual foam tabs offer total surface contact while the channels create an avenue for dirt to move away from the paint. The ULTI-MIT Wash Mitt gives you effective cleaning and surface protection.

The ULTI-MIT Wash Mitt does not shed lint and, since it’s synthetic, the mitt lasts much longer than natural wash tools. Its durability makes the ULTI-MIT Wash Mitt excellent for professional detailers as well as hobbyists.

Use the ULTI-MIT Wash Mitt on your boat, RV, and vehicle. The mitt does not require gripping so hand fatigue is reduced. Washing large vehicles is more comfortable and the foam mitt will not become awkward or heavy to use.

*Detailer’s Tip: Use the ULTI-MIT Wash Mitt with the Wolfgang Foam Gun. Spray down the vehicle section by section and wash it with the mitt. A quick turn of the multi-ratio stem closes off the flow of soap into the water. Use the clean water to rinse the mitt between each section. This process eliminates the bucket altogether so there’s no risk of picking up dirt from used wash water.

Fast, friendly service. Highest quality products available anywhere! Completely satisfied I recommend Wolfgang. There was no put on hold to speak to knowledgeable Sales Rep for advice who understood clearly what is in their complete product line and was very helpful. Truly German American Technology at it's finest. Thanks Wolfgang - Jay, G.