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Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Booster

Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Booster

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When you want your ceramic coating to go to the extreme!

Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Booster brings your ceramic coating to a new level. Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Booster increases shine and slickness while boosting an insane amount of hydrophobic properties. Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Booster boosts those existing hydrophobic properties from previously applied coatings. Made to work with Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Coating, Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Booster will increase enhancing properties.

Having a ceramic coating is great but having double the ability of a ceramic coating is even better. Two is better than one and increased water beading, increase slickness is something great to uphold. Get these enhanced features of a ceramic coating with a booster, the Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Booster.

Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Booster does just that, boosts your previously applied ceramic coating. It increases the hydrophobic properties, allowing for optimal water beading. Water will roll off your surface, helping to keep off contaminants and even making it easier to clean. Because of its enhanced hydrophobic abilities, Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Booster will increase shine and slickness.

Formulated to work with Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Coating, Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Booster will be the perfect addition to your detailing routine. Plus, Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Booster helps to extend the life of your ceramic coating for up to six months!

The six-month time frame will save you time and money by only having to apply the booster as little as twice a year. Easy-to-use, all you have to do is spray the coating and then wipe away with a clean microfiber towel. No hassle required for a fully sleek and shiny finish.

16 oz.

-Ensure the surface is free of any dirt or contaminants.
-Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Detail Spray can be used prior to applying Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Booster.
-Work in 3ft x 3ft sections by spraying onto surface.
-Wife off using clean microfiber towels.
-Buff off excess with a separate clean, microfiber towel after initial wipe.
-Enjoy up to six months of added protection to your Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Coating.

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