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Wolfgang Express Wheel & Tire Kit

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item description:

Give your tires and wheels a break from the brake dust!

As long as cars need brakes to stop, your wheels and tires are going to be at risk of the pitting and damage that brake dust puts them through. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t protect them from said consequence in the meantime! And the Wolfgang Express Wheel & Tire Kit will allow you to do just that! Not only will it allow you to clean off the harmful brake dust that already resides there, but you will be able to protect it in the future!

Items in this kit:

Wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner
Wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner is a German-engineered wheel cleaner gel that clings to penetrate road grime on wheels and tires. The water-based formula is safe on all types of wheels, yet effective enough to penetrate and clean porous rubber. Wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner is the only cleaner you need to clean and beautify your vehicle’s wheels and tires.

Wolfgang Black Diamond Tire Gel
Wolfgang Black Diamond Tire Gel makes tires shine with an advanced polymer formula with UV blockers and ozone repellants. The penetrating tire protectant bonds to the rubber for long-lasting protection. Wolfgang Black Diamond Tire Gel is the finishing touch on a flawlessly detailed vehicle!

Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush
The Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush gives you unparalleled access to clean the tight spaces of your vehicle, like narrow wheel spokes and the grill. The flexible, compact brush goes where no other wheel brush can fit! Use the Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush on your vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle, or ATV.

Microfiber Wheel Detailing Towel
Buff your wheels, paint, glass, chrome, and interior surfaces to a brilliant shine with the Microfiber All Purpose & Wheel Detailing Towel! It's paintwork-safe and the black color makes it the ideal towel for cleaning, polishing, and drying wheels.

Foam Applicator
The Foam Applicator is made of quality closed cell soft poly-foam—pliable, strong, and efficient. They are machine washable. Kit includes
1 x 16 oz. Wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner
1 x 16 oz. Wolfgang Black Diamond Tire Gel
1 x Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush
3 x Microfiber Wheel Detailing Towel
2 x Foam Applicator

A total retail value of $88.92. Save $33.93!


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Fast, friendly service. Highest quality products available anywhere! Completely satisfied I recommend Wolfgang. There was no put on hold to speak to knowledgeable Sales Rep for advice who understood clearly what is in their complete product line and was very helpful. Truly German American Technology at it's finest. Thanks Wolfgang - Jay, G.