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Wolfgang Elastic Poly Clay Bar - FINE Grade

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Item Description

See what your car wash has been missing!

Wolfgang Elastic Poly Clay Bar removes hidden contaminants that washing leaves behind. Detailing clay deep cleans auto paint by removing microscopic, embedded debris that gradually harms the paint. Wolfgang Elastic Poly Clay Bar is a long-lasting, reusable, synthetic detailing clay bar that will leave your vehicle smooth, shiny, and unbelievably clean.

Fine grade clay bar is ideal for vehicles that are new or well maintained.

Wolfgang Elastic Poly Clay Bar cleans your vehicle better than a polish or a shampoo. Clay removes contaminants that are often too small to be seen with the naked eye, but they can be felt. Embedded contamination feels like gritty, rough patches. Though individual particles are not noticeable, large patches of contamination can develop and gradually infiltrate the paint. In the most severe cases, paint system failure will result.

Clay removes:

  • Rail Dust - highly corrosive dust created by rail road wheels grinding against the tracks.

  • Brake Dust - highly corrosive dust generated by every vehicle on the road every time the driver applies the brakes

  • Industrial Fallout - air-polluting byproduct of industrial plants, often contains metals

  • Tree sap mist - a light spray of sap that sticks to anything in its path

  • Tar - road tar from construction is often hot when it hits the vehicle and it contains chemicals that are detrimental to auto paint.

  • Bugs - bug remains contain acidic fluids that eat into auto paint.

As you work with the clay, check the condition of the clay frequently. If it is very dirty, fold the clay in half and keep working with a fresh side. You can stretch, fold, and reuse one piece of clay many times before replacing it. The number of uses varies according to the condition of your vehicle. Each 100 gram bar  should last between 3-5 uses on average.Protect your paint from airborne contamination with regular cleanings using Wolfgang Elastic Poly Clay Bar. This revolutionary cleaning compound leaves paint silky, shiny, and as smooth as glass - the perfect foundation for a wax or paint sealant.


  • Clay should only be used on a clean vehicle. Before each use knead the clay to expose a fresh, unused surface.
  • Spray a small area of your car's surface with Wolfgang Clay Lubricant.
  • Using moderate pressure, pass clay across the paint until you don't feel any more "grabbing." The clay will move freely when all pollutants have been removed. Be sure to keep the car well lubed. Check clay often for any particles that might scratch the surface, and shave them off.
  • When you've clayed the entire car, buff it clean with a dry towel to remove any clay residue. Rinse and dry your car.
  • For the ultimate outcome, follow claying with Wolfgang Paintwork Polish Enhancer, then protect and seal in the shine with Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0. This will yield an unbelievable showroom-quality finish.

2 x 100 gram bars

Important: Use clay only with an approved clay lubricant, such as Wolfgang Clay Lubricant . The lubricant makes the surface slippery in order to reduce friction between the clay bar and the surface. Rub clay across lubricated area only and re-wet as needed. When used as directed, clay will remove contamination from paint, glass, and chrome without causing swirls or scratches.Please refer to our Detailing Clay How-To for tips on detailing clay use and accessories.


Wolfgang Elastic Poly Clay Bar works with Wolfgang Clay Lubricant to protect your paint from unseen dangers. Detailing clay works by gliding across the paint and picking up any debris that protrudes from the paint surface. The debris sticks to the clay bar and is removed from the paint. Polishing can be unnecessarily abrasive and washing alone doesn't touch this kind of contamination. Detailing clay is the answer.

In order for detailing clay to glide easily on the paint without scratching, you must use Wolfgang Clay Lubricant. This combination of products will leave your vehicle feeling slick, smooth, and incredibly clean. Once wax or a paint sealant is applied, it will seal off the tiny holes left by the removed contaminants. Your vehicle will look mirror-smooth and flawless, but only if you use Wolfgang Elastic Poly Clay as part of your detailing process!

A quality wax or paint sealant enhances the present condition of the paint. If the paint is gritty and dirty, the shine will appear cloudy and uneven. However, if the paint is clean and smooth, the wax or sealant will look glossy and slick. Wolfgang Elastic Poly Clay helps you achieve a glassy surface that looks incredible under any wax or sealant. Plus, the paint protection will bond better with totally clean paint.

Wolfgang Elastic Poly Clay Bar should be used twice a year to maintain a slick, reflective finish. If your vehicle requires polishing and claying, use the clay first. Clay will remove any abrasive debris so it does not get rubbed into the paint as you polish.