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Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Aluminum Compound

Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Aluminum Compound

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Erase dullness, spots, and discoloration from aluminum to uncover a smooth, silky finish.

Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Aluminum Compound is a strong aluminum pre-polish that powers through oxidation and discoloration on aluminum to create a smooth, uniform finish. This is step one of a three part restoration process that results in a high impact, incredibly reflective shine on aluminum trailers, wheels, trim, boats, aircraft, and more.

Aluminum can be a challenge to polish because you are not dealing with a coating that can easily be leveled. Instead you are removing imperfections from the aluminum itself. Aluminum and other bare metals require an intense abrasive polish to remove rust and stains. Complete restoration is a multi-step process and it all begins with Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Aluminum Compound.

Wolfgang MetallWerk™ products will restore, clean, polish, and protect your metals.

Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Aluminum Compound is step one for severely oxidized or never before polished aluminum surfaces. This is an ammonia-based, abrasive polish designed to remove rust, water spots, and stains from weathered aluminum surfaces.This is the same aluminum polishing technology used by major aircraft manufacturers.

MetallWerk™ Aluminum Compound can also be used on chrome, copper, stainless steel, and magnesium. The diminishing abrasives quickly level surface rust and polish away spots and stains. You're left with a clean, satin finish. To get the bright, reflective finish of new aluminum, you have to use step two, Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Fine Aluminum Polish.

This is a strong polish! After using it, you may see some light swirls. Step two will eliminate these swirls and create a brilliant shine.

Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Aluminum Compound should be applied with a dual action or rotary polisher. A dual action machine, like the Porter Cable 7424, may not have the bite to remove severe stains but it will greatly improve them.

If you have a severe case of oxidation on your hands, we suggest using a rotary polisher. If using a rotary machine, the same rules apply as if you were polishing paint. Keep the polisher moving at all times. It can burn the metal. If this happens, allow the area to cool. Then go back over it with the polisher to remove the burn.

Warning! Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Aluminum Compound should not be used on anodized, plated, painted, or coated metals

-Wipe a thin layer of Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Aluminum Compound onto the desired surface.
-Polish between 1200- 1500 RPM (or 5-6 OPM on a dual action polisher). Polish until the aluminum appears clean and glossy. Note: It may take several passes to completely remove severe oxidation. If the pad becomes caked, hold the Foam Conditioning Brush to the foam pad while it spins at a low speed. Be sure to keep your hands clear. Use a steel brush on a wool pad.

* On aluminum, brass and copper, a black residue will appear as you polish.
* On chrome and stainless steel, no residue will appear. Polish until stains disappear.

-Wipe the surface clean. If the surface is clean and smooth with a satin gloss, continue to Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Fine Aluminum Polish. If you can see stains or oxidation, repeat this process until a uniform shine is achieved. Have plenty of old towels on hand for removing polish residue.

Polishing Wheels & Trim
-Tape off the paint or plastic surrounding the area to be polished.
-Wipe a thin layer of Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Aluminum Compound on the desired surface.
-Polish at 3000 RPM until the defects are removed.
-Buff the area to remove any residue. Check your work. Repeat this process if necessary.
-Follow up with Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Fine Aluminum Polish to restore a brighter shine.

How To Clean Wool Pads
-As you're working, check the wool pad periodically to make sure it has not become caked with polish. This also makes the pad less effective.
-Take a moment to fluff the pad by holding the Duo Spur Pad Cleaning Tool to the wool as the pad spins.
-The Duo Spur is a safer way to fluff the pad than steel because a steel brush can remove many wool strands.
-The Duo Spur has plastic teeth to push excess polish out of the wool and to restore the texture.
-With the polisher turned off, lay it on a sturdy surface (like the ground) pad side up.
-Turn the polisher on and hold the polisher still with one hand while you hold the Duo Spur against the wool with the other hand. You don't have to apply much pressure.
-Be sure to keep your hand clear of the spinning pad.
-After just a few seconds, the wool is fluffed and ready to go.

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