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Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Wool Metal Polishing Pads

Unmatched performance for metal polishing and restoration.

Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Wool Metal Polishing Pads are available in three types of wool to complement the performance of Wolfgang MetallWerk™ metal polishes. Our wool pads power through oxidation, eliminate stains, and restore a mirror shine to aluminum and other bare metals. Wheels, trim, trailers, and RVs will shine like new!

Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Wool Metal Polishing Pads were developed through a partnership between Lake Country Manufacturing and Palm Beach Motoring Accessories to provide the most effective method of application for our Wolfgang MetallWerk™ polishes. Each pad has a different level of abrasiveness and is designed for a different task.

LakeCountry has made three distinct types of wool pads to maximize the effectiveness of our Wolfgang MetallWerk™ metal polishes. Two pads here are made with twisted wool, which is a compounding material. Among twisted wool pads, pads with shorter threads are more aggressive than those with longer twisted threads. Therefore our 4 Ply 100% Twisted Wool Compounding Pad has shorter threads than the 50/50 Acrylic Polishing Pad. The Final Polishing Pad is made of soft, fluffy, electrified wool. This wool is not twisted at all and is therefore gentler on the paint. The Final Polishing Pad is a gloss-enhancing pad.

All three pads have recessed, sturdy backing where the backing plate sits. This recessed area prevents contact between the backing plate and the work surface. High grade wool is permanently adhered to the backing to prevent separation during operation.

Polishing aluminum or any other metal is a messy process. Depending on how oxidized the surface is, you may need at least 1 or 2 additional wool pads on hand. Fluffing the pad periodically will help but, when the pad becomes absolutely black from the oxidation residue, it is best to switch to a fresh pad. Immediately put the used wool pad in a bucket of Wolfgang Polishing Pad Rejuvenator and water to soak. It's virtually impossible to remove these residues after they've dried within the wool.

For directions on using each pad, refer to the directions of each Wolfgang MetallWerk™ metal polish.

Enjoy the best performance and results from Wolfgang MetallWerk™ polishes with Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Wool Metal Polishing Pads, premium wool pads manufactured by Lake Country.

Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Wool Metal Polishing Pads:

4 Ply 100% Twisted Wool Compounding Pad
Each strand of high grade wool is tightly twisted to maintain a consistent level of cut for longer periods of operation. The thick yarns remove heavy oxidation and stains from neglected or never-before-polished metal surfaces. The pad a 1 inch long threads. This pad was developed for aluminum but it is effective on all bare metals. Use the twisted wool pad with Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Aluminum Compound. Available in 7.5 and 8.5 inches.

50/50 Wool Acrylic Polishing Pad
This wool pad has 50% 4 ply wool and 50% single strand wool/acrylic blend. This combination makes a light compounding/polishing wool that removes minor oxidation, haze, dullness, and spots. The 50/50 pad has 1 ½ inch twisted threads, which are less aggressive than the shorter twisted threads found on the compounding pad. Use this pad with Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Fine Aluminum Polish. Available in 7.5 and 8.5 inches.

Electrified Sheepskin Final Polishing Pad
The Electrified Sheepskin Final Polishing Pad is made by electrifying the wool to remove microscopic barbs naturally found in wool. The resulting wool is soft enough for final polishing with a shine enhancing polish. This wool pad has 1 inch threads. Use this pad with Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Aluminum Concours Polish. Available in 7.5 and 8.5 inches. Wool Metal Polishing Pads are available in 6.5 and 8.5 inches. The 8.5 inch pads are for use with a circular polisher equipped with a 7 inch rotary backing plate. The 7.5 inch pads can be used on your Porter Cable 7424XP or other dual action polisher, with a 6 inch DA backing plate. All pads have Velcro® brand hook and loop fasteners.

User tip: When using a wool pad, do not use a pad conditioner as you would on a foam pad. Wetting the wool will flatten it and make it less effective at removing blemishes from metal.

How To Clean Wool Pads

As you're working, check the wool pad periodically to make sure it has not become caked with polish. This also makes the pad less effective.

Take a moment to fluff the pad by holding the Duo Spur Pad Cleaning Tool to the wool as the pad spins.

The Duo Spur is a safer way to fluff the pad than steel because a steel brush can remove many wool strands.

The Duo Spur has plastic teeth to push excess polish out of the wool and to restore the texture.

With the polisher turned off, lay it on a sturdy surface (like the ground) pad side up.

Turn the polisher on and hold the polisher still with one hand while you hold the Duo Spur against the wool with the other hand. You don't have to apply much pressure.

Be sure to keep your hand clear of the spinning pad.

After just a few seconds, the wool is fluffed and ready to go.

Warning! Wool pads should not be used on plated, painted, coated, or anodized metals.

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