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Wolfgang Über SiO2 Coating Wash 128 oz.

Wolfgang Über SiO2 Coating Wash 128 oz.

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Your weekly wash will do more than ever before!

Wolfgang Über SiO2 Coating Wash is a new take on a classic “wash & wax” that uses silica technology rather than traditional carnauba wax. By using SiO2 instead, Wolfgang Über SiO2 Coating Wash offers longer-lasting results, a glossier shine, and more intense water-beading capabilities! Wolfgang Über SiO2 Coating Wash still has the same incredibly easy-to-use factor that you get from a tradition “wash & wax”. With Wolfgang Über SiO2 Coating Wash, you will be able to clean off the dirt, dust, and debris while simultaneously applying a high-quality layer of protection and gloss! If you already have a coating on your car, you can use Wolfgang Über SiO2 Coating Wash to maintain your coating and ensure it lasts even longer!

In the ever-lasting pursuit of making detailing your car as easy as possible, “wash & waxes” have become increasingly popular over the years. The appeal of such products is easy to understand. Being able to condense the process of cleaning and then protecting your car into one easy step is a great way to save your time and money! However, the traditional wash & wax products use carnauba wax to provide protection after the wash. While carnauba is a staple in the detailing industry and certainly has its place, it is not known for the highest level of protection. That is why Wolfgang reinvented the traditional wash & wax with the Wolfgang Über SiO2 Coating Wash!

Wolfgang Über SiO2 Coating Wash does not use traditional carnauba-based protection that many have come to expect from a wash & wax. Instead, Wolfgang Über SiO2 Coating Wash uses the same silica (SiO2) technology that many ceramic coatings are using to provide years of protection. By using silica instead, all aspects of the protection you get are increased drastically! You’ll get a longer-lasting, glossier, more effective layer of protection by using Wolfgang Über SiO2 Coating Wash over a traditional wash & wax!

The SiO2 used in Wolfgang Über SiO2 Coating Wash is, by nature, extremely hydrophobic. This means that it will repel away any water or moisture from the surface to which it is applied. By washing your car with Wolfgang Über SiO2 Coating Wash, you are instilling these intense “water-fearing” qualities to your car as well. This provides many advantages. It ensures that water is not given the chance to collect on the surface and cause water spots. As the water rolls off the surface, it takes with it any loose debris or contamination that was sitting there before! And it will even make drying your car much easier because the water can’t remain on the surface!

Even though Wolfgang Über SiO2 Coating Wash provides some serious protection, that is not its only purpose. Wolfgang Über SiO2 Coating Wash wouldn’t be worth very much if it wasn’t capable of cleaning the surface off before applying the protection now would it! That is why Wolfgang Über SiO2 Coating Wash was developed using cleaner agents that are especially effective at removing all the common contaminants and messes that your car sees on a daily basis. Dirt, dust, mud, road grime, insect remains, and a slew of other debris will all be cleaned from your car’s surface with ease thanks to Wolfgang Über SiO2 Coating Wash!

16 oz.

Directions for Use:
Work out of direct sunlight. Mix up to 2 oz. of Uber SiO2 Coating Wash with 3-5 gallons of water and activate with a strong jet of water. Starting at the top of your vehicle and working down, use a clean wash mitt to remove surface contaminants. Rinse frequently and do not allow product to dry onto surface. Using best practices, dry vehicle after wash using a drying towel or car dryer. During use, you may notice the suds will quickly dissipate. However, this will not impact Wolfgang Über SiO2 Coating Wash’s ability to clean or protect your car.

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