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Cobra Microfiber Super Kit

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Cobra Microfiber Super Kit
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Microfiber mania! Spruce up your stock! Everyone's doing it. As microfiber mania sweeps the automotive care world, you may find yourself baffled by waffles and wondering over which weave works well for what. The AutoGeek staff has decided to put together a kit that includes a sampling of all kinds of microfiber tools to help you revamp your detailing regimen (if you're new to microfiber) or simply to add to your existing stash. Microfiber comes in different weaves and finishes, each designed specifically to perform a different task. And each is boldly superior at what it does. Whether it's cleaning, polishing, buffing or drying—there's one for the job. Microfiber is an absolutely amazing material. No soap. No chemical cleaners. Wet or dry, this non-abrasive fabric cleans like magic! Use it dry, and microfiber is like a dust magnet. The thousands of superfine fibers reach into nooks and crannies and quickly lift the dust from your dash, console, instrument panel. Add water, and Microfiber scrubs away even the most stubborn grime and dirt. And it shines chrome to perfection! Included in this Microfiber Super Kit are: 'The Guzzler' Waffle Weave Towel 16" x 24"
This is the smaller size version of our new Waffle-Weave Drying Towels. Measuring 16 inches by 24 inches, you have over 2.6 square feet of towel surface. A microfiber towel will clean and dry at the same time. The properties of this waffle weave finish greatly increase the towel's surface area, increasing its absorption capacity tremendously. 'The Supreme Guzzler' Waffle Weave Towel 20" x 40"
The Supreme Guzzler is 20% thicker than the original towel to give it an even greater capacity for moisture. At approximately 5.5 square feet, this waffle weave towel can dry most small cars without being rung out once! 1- Micro-Chenille Wash Mitt
The Cobra Micro-Chenille Wash Mitt is made of thin microfibers woven into plump, caterpillar-like strands that are both absorbent and nonabrasive. This mitt is softer than the finest sheepskin mitt and it has the incredible absorption of microfiber. 2- Microfiber Applicator Pads (color may vary)
The microfiber surface is soft as silk, yet the underside of the "fabric hooks" trap oxidation and loosened contamination. One Pair of Cobra Microfiber Gloves
Use it dry, and the Microfiber Glove is like a dust magnet. The thousands of superfine fibers reach into nooks and crannies and quickly lift the dust from your dash, console, instrument panel. Add water, (soapy or not) and use the Microfiber Glove to reach small areas. Finally, get to that elusive grime and dirt even small brushes miss. Your wheels will look as good as they did on the showroom floor! Kit includes:
1- 16" x 24" The Guzzler
1- 20" x 40" The Supreme Guzzler
1- Micro-Chenille Wash Mitt
2- Microfiber Wax Applicators
2- Cobra Microfiber Gloves A total retail value of $74.94. Save $24.95!

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Highly recommend the one place for THE best car care products! I have used a lot of different products over the years and Wolfgang products are the best. There is truth in advertising with this company. The video (and written) how-to instructions are awesome! No doubts about the right way to do it. I'm hooked on these products and this company!

– Cristopher S.