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Exterior Car Care

The Wolfgang Concours Series line of car care products is based around a premium paint sealant and, more recently, a carnauba polymer car wax. Wolfgang paint care products accomplish durable paint protection and a deep shine with amazing German Super Polymers.

Sealants are relatively new on the detailing scene but they’ve quickly become a favorite among detailers who want fast and lasting results. The appeal of these manmade paint protectants is two-fold: they are easy to apply and they last a long time. For people who don’t have a lot of time to detail, that’s a winning combination!

With Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0 and Wolfgang Füzion Estate Wax as the finale, the groundwork had to be laid for their dramatic shine. Preparing the paint surface involves washing, polishing, and deep-cleaning with detail clay. Wolfgang’s exterior detailing products will help you accomplish each step with beautiful results.

Wolfgang is a complete car care line in that it contains products for every step of the detailing process and tools to help you succeed. Wolfgang Concours Series is world class car care!

Fast, friendly service. Highest quality products available anywhere! Completely satisfied I recommend Wolfgang. There was no put on hold to speak to knowledgeable Sales Rep for advice who understood clearly what is in their complete product line and was very helpful. Truly German American Technology at it's finest. Thanks Wolfgang

Jay, G.