New Year, New Car Guide

Products You Need to Get Your Car Ready for the New Year with Wolfgang Car Care

With a new year comes new responsibilities. Maybe this year is the year you decided that detailing your car will be one of those New Year resolutions that you will strive to follow. Like most resolutions, it can be easier said than done, but with the help of Wolfgang Car Care, we can try to help you keep this resolution. As for hitting the gym and eating healthier, you're on your own. Here is our list of 7 Wolfgang detailing products you need for 2020. We certainly aren't saying stop at these 7, but these will definitely get you going in the right direction! Some of the products can even be used together to enhance the end result or to use as maintenance products.

Wolfgang Fuzion Carnauba-Polymer Estate Wax

Wolfgang Füzion Estate Wax

Now, that might sound like a mouthful, but this product is packed with ingredients to give your car an unequaled shine and protection. It brings together the shine of carnauba wax, protection of German Super Polymers and some extra proprietary ingredients to give it some extra ‘wow'. The end result is a glossy, more intense wet look and improved slickness, guaranteed to make your car the envy of the neighborhood.


  • Best defense against moisture, airborne pollutants, bird droppings, insects and UV radiation.
  • Repels water, dirt, dust, oil and resists smudges and fingerprints.
  • Creates water sheeting, cutting your drying time in half when washing.
  • Comes in a cool, signature wooden case, perfect for secure and reliable storage.

Wolfgang Fuzion Estate Wax Action

Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash

Wolfgang Uber Rinseless

Rinseless Washes are a timesaver and water saver. For those of you are you eco-conscious or water-bill-saving-conscious, this product is perfect for you. This Rinseless Wash is a highly concentrated, viscous liquid that creates 3 gallons of wash solution with just one once of concentrate! Imagine how many car washes you could get with that! You can wash your entire car with just 1-3 gallons of water, cutting your water usage exponentially. Plus, if you live somewhere where water isn't readily available, this is more than your next best option.


  • It's safer for the environment, since it has no soapy runoff finding its way down a drainpipe and into local bodies of water.
  • 100% biodegradable and water-soluble formula, meeting all water usage laws established by the Federal Clean Water Act and the EPA.
  • You can wash your car in the winter time or in the comfort of your garage!
  • No need to worry about water restriction laws.
  • Saves you money as you only need one product instead of 3-4!

Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash Action

Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Waterless Wash

Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Waterless Wash

If you thought the Rinseless Wash was easy, now you have the Waterless Wash. The Wolfgang Waterless Wash is more so used as a maintenance step after a good wash. Once you wash your car fully, use the Waterless Wash for quick touch-up's here and there to get rid of the road grime you get on a daily basis from day-to-day driving. It's so easy to use, you can even keep it in your trunk for ‘on the road' emergencies. This is even perfect for apartment living, when a hose hook-up is near impossible and lugging around buckets is just as difficult. PLUS:

  • Has the benefit of Silica (SiO2) for high lubricity.
  • Creates a hydrophobic surface that will ensure water beads up and rolls off your paint.
  • Perfect for water restricted areas.
  • No need to worry about measuring a perfect dilution ratio.
  • Use it in the cold or in your garage!

Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Waterless Wash Action

Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax

Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax

Similar to the Wolfgang Fuzion Paste Wax, the Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax is the same formula just in an easy-to-use spray bottle. It's as easy as spraying on and wiping off, cutting down on your detailing time drastically. It can be used as a stand-alone product for protection, wax maintenance, a drying aid or an instant detailer. Using a blend of polymers and carnauba, this wax creates a mile-deep reflection and is scenically constructed to fill in miniscule pits and valleys that exist on your paint's surface (whether you see them or not). The result is a smooth, even and consistent shine that is equally protected as it is nice to look at.


  • Amazing hydrophobic water beading.
  • Polymers and carnauba create a cross-linking layer to provide a deep and warm paint reflection.
  • When used as a drying aid, it can drastically reduce the chance of water-spots.
  • The lubricity makes it a great instant detailer between washes.
  • Faster for quick touch ups!

Wolfgang Fuzion Spray Wax Action

Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant

Wolfgang Deep Glass Paint Sealant Pad

Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant enhances all colors of paint into glossy, liquid-like shimmering masterpieces. Meant to capture the wet look of a carnauba wax, but longer lasting, Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant incorporates crystalline ‘super' polymers. These super polymers add more protection, gloss and depth than ever before. This makes the paint not only slick, but also gives it anti-static properties that repel water, dust, oil and road grime.


  • Increases the paint's ‘jetting factor' (aka: decreased surface tension), meaning after washing the car, dirt will slide right off the paint.
  • The crystal-like structure of the polymers refract light like high-quality diamonds.
  • Shine will withstand ultraviolet rays, infrared radiation, saltwater and environmental pollutants.
  • Water-based and oxygen activated formula, so it needs to cure for 12 hours in dry conditions to fully bond to paint.

Wolfgang Deep Glass Paint Sealant Action

Wolfgang Finishing Glaze

Wolfgang Finishing Glaze

Need a gloss enhancement? Wolfgang Finishing Glaze works as an enhancing glaze and finishing polish that will restore your paint's shine after compounding. Dull paint will be a thing of the past and your original deep color and intense shine will be back. With added diminishing abrasives, this hybrid formula has correction ability without sacrificing shine.


  • Rids your surface of compounding swirls, mild oxidation and water spots.
  • Gentle enough to use on OEM paint finishing and hard, ceramic clear coats.
  • Smooths minor imperfections in ceramic paint.
  • Water-based, low-dusting, silicone-free, filter-free and wax-free.

Wolfgang Finishing Glaze Wipe

Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Silica Spray

Using a blend of silica dioxide and super-polymers, Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Silica Spray creates a long lasting and tough finish on your painted surface. Since it is in a spray form, you know that it is quick and easy to use. Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Silica Spray creates a hydrophobic layer that shines like a wax and protects like paint sealant. So much so, that it can be used as a stand-alone sealant or as a topper on a paint coating.


  • Average of six months protection time.
  • Uses silica dioxide to provide a rock-hard layer of protection on your paint.
  • Practically waterproof with its awesome water beading.
  • Leaves a slick, glossy surface.
  • Can be applied as often as you want.

Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Silica Spray Action

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