Must Have Detailing Brushes

Don't Brush Off Brushes!

Wolfgang Car Care helps you find the right brush for every detailing job!

There are a lot of brushes out there in the detailing world and every one of them deserves a place in your arsenal. Some can be used in many different ways, while others serve a unique purpose. No matter what, Wolfgang Car Care is here to give you a lesson in the one of most unrecognized tools out there... the brush!

In this informational we will talk about all types of brushes, both for exterior and interior purposes. Before we start, it's important to note that tires and wheels, though sounding interchangeable, are different. Tires are the black rubber part, while wheels are the metal/clear-coated/chrome/hubcap area.

Now that we have that settled, you are ready to learn about the many different kinds of brushes out there!

Clean Wheel Lug Nut Brush

Clean lug nuts with our nonabrasive boar's hair lug nut brush.
- Bristles are natural boar's hair!
- Cleans those small, hard-to-reach spots with ease!
- Won't cause scratching to the surface!

We all know wheels get dirty the fastest since they are closest to the elements and accumulate the most brake dust. However, wheels can be one of the most difficult parts to clean as well. Especially the lug nut area where the holes are particularly tiny, allowing very few brushes to fit into the space. So, unless you want to borrow a child's small painting brush, the Clean Wheel Lug Nut Brush may be a better bet for you. After all, the name is in the title.

So, what does a Clean Wheel Lug Brush do exactly? Best used to clean lug nuts and brake calipers, the Clean Wheel Lug Nut Brush uses 1 inch of genuine boar's hair to delve deep into the hard to reach areas of the wheel to remove brake dust and road grime. This brush safely loosens soil without scratching thanks to the soft touch of the boar's hair. You can use the Clean Wheel Lug Brush on painted, alloy, chrome, plated and anodized wheels.

Plus, with the 8 1/2 inch, long-finished, wood handle, your fingers won't be on top of the bristles. In fact, the wood brush itself is sealed to protect itself from wheel cleaner chemicals and water.

Wheel Woolies 3-Piece Kit

Clean between spokes with the medium Wheel Woolie.
- Made of synthetic wool for soft cleaning.
- Three sizes allow for more areas to clean.
- Tough on contaminants but soft on your surface.

This particular brush is great because it isn't just a brush, it is a set of brushes. Wheel Woolies clean wheels of all shapes and sizes thanks to the woolies array of sizes. Wheel Woolies are made of soft, synthetic wool heads that are mounted on long handles. The wool makes these brushes safe for all wheel finishes and allow for the brush to be easily compressed to fit into tight spaces. The long handles allow your car to be cleaned, without your hands having to be soaked with cleaning product.

Now, let's talk about sizes. These Wheel Woolies come in three sizes to suit any wheel or narrow space you need cleaned. These brushes are great for deep wheel drums, wheel wells, grills, exhaust pipes, door jams and more. Let's get more detailed by explaining which one goes for which.

The longest brush is the Large Wheel Woolie, coming in at 19 inches long with a 3-inch diameter wool head. This one is great for reaching deep into wheels or to clean the wheel wells of your car or even your RV.

Next up is the Medium Wheel Woolie . This one is just over 12 inches long with a 2-inch diameter wool head. This one is better for smaller wheel gaps, air diffusers, door jams and engine areas. That's right, just because the name is 'Wheel' Woolie, doesn't mean it has to be restricted to just the wheels.

The third one is the, you guessed it, Small Wheel Woolie . This one is 8 inches long and is only 1-inch in diameter. This one works best on grills and narrow wheel spokes.

No matter what brush you need to use, know that it will all work with any wheel cleaner of your choosing. The synthetic fibers are tough against any chemical and more importantly, any contaminant.

Short Handle Wheel Brush

Small Green Wheel Brush
- Great for cleaning the face of tires!
- Frayed bristle edges won't cause scratching!
- Ergonomic handle for easy cleaning!

When cleaning your wheels, it's hard to forget about your tires. As we mentioned earlier, tires and wheels are different, the tires are the black, rubber that takes damage rolling across roads, mud, dirt, concrete and whatever else you may subject it to. To help take care of them, use the Short Handle Wheel Brush.

The Short Handle Wheel Brush is great at cleaning the face of your tires and even your rims. The face of your tire is a solid and tough rubber material, that needs a good scrubbing to get clean. This brush is packed with action grabbing bristles, ready to remove contaminants and products. The bristles are frayed that the ends, but don't worry, this isn't a used brush, this frayed look is intentional. The frayed bristles are there so that delicate surfaces don't get scratched. Plus, the wooden handle is ergonomically designed to fit well in your hand for easier scrubbing.

Speed Master Wheel Brush

Clean all wheels with speed and  precision!
- Highly flexible bristle retain their shape no matter the use.
- Made to clean any wheel style or design.
- Brush is styled to fit comfortably in your hand and will not scratch wheels.

One of the most popular brushes out there is the Speed Mater Wheel Brush. This brush is made for the best kind of cleaning, quick and effective. Designed for any wheel design and to clean without scratching! The Speed Master Wheel Brush is made with a thick, reinforced handle and red, feathered bristles that maintain flexibility to gently clean delicate wheel finishes. More specially, the bristles are 2 inches long, soft, nylon and non-abrasive. This brush is safe to use on polished aluminum, chrome, stainless, clear-coated and painted wheels.

To detail the bristles even further, the ones on the Speed Master Wheel Brush can bend to the shape and space of the grooves and crevices of your car and then easily regain their original shape. Unlike most brushes, once rinsed and left to dry, the bristles of the Speed Master Wheel Brush will return to their original shape after each use. The brush may look big, but it still fits in small wheel spaces. Plus, the bristles can withstand all wheel cleaners and degreasers.

The stem of the Speed Master Wheel Brush can even be bent to whatever angle you need to get the optimal clean for your wheels! The handle is also great because of its flexibility and size. The 18-inch handle gives your hand more stability to clean, without your hand getting wet in the process. Plus, the rubber knuckle guard protects your hands even further and the ergonomic handle makes it more comfortable to clean. The rubber guard also protects your wheels from getting scratched by the handle.

Brake dust will be left in the dust thanks to the Speed Master Wheel Brush! But this brush can also clean your engine bay! It is safe on chrome, aluminum and custom engines.

Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush

The Speed Master Jr. cleans between grill slats of varying widths.
- Slightly smaller than the original to fit even the smallest and narrowest of spots!
- Flexible bristles retain their shape!
- Fits comfortably in your hand without the chance of scratching the cars surface!

Much like its predecessor, the Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush is much like the Speed Master Wheel Brush, only smaller. With the same benefits as the larger one, the only thing different between the two talented brushes is their sizes.

The Speed Master Jr. Wheel Brush is 13 inches long (compared to the original's 18 inches) and narrower bristles. This flexible brush will clean your car, motorcycle, bicycle and even an ATV. Specifically designed to reach narrow spoke wheels, an intricate wheel design or a front grill, reaching where most brushes cannot.

Natural Horse Hair Interior Brush

Natural Horse Hair Interior Detail Brush gently cleans leather stitching

- Slim design reaches tiny and narrow spots!
- Soft bristles won't cause stitching to fray!
- Safe to use on leather surfaces!

Wheels are not the only part of your car that you need to keep clean, there is also the matter of your entire interior. Starting small, the Natural Horse Hair Interior Brush is the slim, soft and all natural brush that cleans the nooks and crannies of your interior that you'd never thought you'd be able to clean. With natural horse hair bristles and wooden handle, this brush is one you'll find it hard to live without.

There are parts of your interior that you've probably wondered how you would ever be able to clean without using something as small as toothbrush. Don't worry, you can save the toothbrush for your teeth because the Natural Horse Hair Interior Detail Brush has your car covered. This brush can reach between your seat cracks, the edges of your seat, your steering wheel and more. This brush is best used on leather!

Don't forget to clean your stitching! Cleaning flat, big swatches of leather are the obvious areas of leather to clean, but what about your stitching? Stiches can get just as dirty and are harder to clean, unless you use something as small and detailed as the Natural Horse Hair Interior Detail Brush. The slim design lets you maneuver your way into tight spaces while the feathered brittles will gently remove built up dirt without causing the stitching to fray.

Natural Horse Hair Interior Upholstery Brush

Horse Hair Soft Brush
- Designed to fit naturally in your hand in a scrubbing position!
- Natural horse hairs allow for a soft and absorbent clean!
- Works on all types of interiors, but especially leather!

Continue to show your interior some love with the Natural Horse Hair Interior Upholstery Brush. Packed with thousands of genuine horse hair bristles, this brush gently cleans leather, vinyl, cloth and plastic. What's great about horse hair is that is they are expertly capable of catching dust and lint, while being non-abrasive.

Plus, because of hair's natural ability to absorb moisture, the horse hair brush evenly soaks up extra moisture. This is especially useful when it comes to leather. When the leather is agitated, this brush will remove the body oils, stains, soil and grime, restoring the leather to its original beauty. But don't start and stop with leather, it also works well on cloth, upholstery, plastic and vinyl.

The Natural Horse Hair Interior Upholstery Brush fits perfectly in your hand, with the short bristles grouped into thick bundles to stay in position of the brush. Bonus: the brush is designed at angle that allows for optimum scrubbing.

Mat and Carpet Scrub Brush

Carpet Brush
- Designed to rest comfortably in your hand!
- Tough bristles dig deep to reach set in grime and dirt!
- Perfect for cleaning your mats and carpets!

This hard to miss red brush is the Mat and Carpet Scrub Brush. This brush is a powerhouse against spills and dirt that always find their way to your carpets and mats. Every time you step in and out of your car, your mats and carpets take an unintentional beating. Plus, spilled drinks, kids and pets don't help the matter with messes of their own. Fight off these messes with the easy to use Mat and Carpet Scrub Brush.

The design of the brush has a sturdy handle with finger grips for a sturdy, slip-free grip. The long, white bristles agitate the surface, getting deep to remove ground-in grime. The angled front end allows the brush to fit into corners and along the edges of seats. With its comfortable hold and cleaning power, your interior will look as though you never even sit inside it.

Montana Original 10 Inch Boar's Hair Car Wash Brush

Montana Original 10 inch Boar's Hair Brush & Telescopic Handle
- Soft, boar's hair bristles allow for a sudsy wash!
- Sturdy bundles of hair whisk away dirt and grime!
- Made to be used with the Telescopic Handle for easy reach washing!

So, now that you have found brushes to clean your wheels, tires and interior, what about a brush to wash your car? That's where the Montana Original 10 Inch Boar's Hair Car Wash Brush (yes, that's a mouthful) comes into play. What's unique about the Montana Original 10 Inch Boar's Hair Car Wash Brush is that it will fit into any standard 5-gallon wash bucket and it has a spot for an extendable handle.

The bristles themselves are 4 inches and massage gently into the paint surface to release dirt and grime but protects the paint with the slippery suds it holds. The brush is outlined with a protective rubber strip to keep your paint surface safe from any accidental impact. Made with four hundred boar's hairs per bundle, the hair is naturally feathered at the ends. The bundles are sturdy to whisk away dirt and grime. It's recommended that you soak your brush in soapy water for a few minutes before using, that way the hairs are softer and more pliable.

The Montana Original 10 Inch Boar's Hair Car Wash Brush is designed to work with the Telescopic Handle that is made of aluminum with a plastic grip and threaded insert. The lightweight framework of the handle is, well, easy to handle! The brush has an insert for a flow-thru handle to carry water to the bristles.

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