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Car Waxes, Sealants, & Coatings

Protecting your paint is absolutely crucial in making sure that it stays in the best condition possible! If your painted surfaces are exposed to the natural elements, those elements will slowly but surely cause your paint to dull and fade until your car looks like crap. If you are looking for the perfect product to keep your paint protected and looking great, great news! You have a multitude of options to do exact that!

Car Waxes
Car waxes are the classic choice when it come to protecting your car. They usually use natural ingredients like carnauba to create a protective shell on your car. While these waxes may not last as long as their more modern, technologically-advanced counterparts, waxes have a very warm and inviting look to them. Not only that, but they tend to be the easiest to apply and the most enjoyable to apply as well! This is why they are usually the go to for "weekend warriors".

Paint Sealants
Paint sealants are very similar to car waxes, but they use synthetic, man-made ingredients that are more durable than natural carnauba. They provide a very comparable look to traditional carnauba waxes, but they usually come in the form of a liquid gel rather than a paste. You will get slightly more protection from a paint sealant and a longer product lifetime. While the application of paint sealants is very similar to paste waxes, they can be a bit more finicky to apply evenly.

Ceramic Coatings
Ceramic coatings are the latest in paint protection technology and offer the longest lifetime on the market. They do not carry the same deep, warm gloss that car waxes and paint sealants do though. They offer a more reflective, glassy look. They also are much more difficult to apply and will often take quite a lot of practice to do so correctly. However, when you do apply them, they will last MUCH longer than any wax or sealant. Most coatings can lasts YEARS before you need to worry about reapplying them! These are the perfect choice for people who want to make sure their car is protected without having to spend every single weekend washing a waxing it!

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