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Car Care Kits

The Wolfgang Concours-Series as a whole, is formulated for a comprehensive car care program. Each Wolfgang product is specifically created to best perform a certain task, but is a piece of the total car care puzzle.

Kits are perfect combinations of Wolfgang products to accomplish your car care goals.

Wolfgang car care kits are comprised of detailing products and tools made to work hand in hand to give you the best results. Each Wolfgang product is a piece of the total car care puzzle. Our car care kits put together those pieces for you into comprehensive auto care packages, priced well below the regular retail values of the individual products. You’ll get more and save more with Wolfgang car care kits.

All kits come in a reusable Wolfgang box, for easy transport and neat storage. The tools - a variety of brushes, applicator pads, and microfiber towels - are top-quality, multi-purpose and included to make the job as easy as possible. Not only are components in these kits building blocks to an optimal end, but they offer exceptional value. In each kit you’ll find in-depth instructions and tried-and-true tips to ensure that your experience with our products yields the best possible outcome.

Cyclo Intro KitCyclo Intro Kit
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