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Carpet & Fabric Care

Fabric is often the most popular interior upholstery choice because it is much more affordable and the surface doesn't get nearly as hot as leather or vinyl in the summer months. However, it does have one very important down side. Because fabric is essentially just a ton of different fibers woven together, it is extremely absorbent and any dirt or dust will get caught between these fibers very easily. To go even further, getting anything out of fabric seats that have been allowed to collect dirt and various liquids over the years takes a long time and many expensive tools. This is especially true if you happen to stain the fabric somehow! Carpet is much the same, only a little worse because it is typically more plush and thus more absorbent. While deep cleaning your fabric with a hot water extractor every once in a while will be necessary, you can reduce the need for it by frequently and effectively cleaning your carpets and fabric with Wolfgang products!

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