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Glass & Headlight Care

When you are detailing your car, you are usually concerned about how it looks after you finish. But there are a couple aspects of detailing that go beyond making your car look nice. The clarity of your glass and headlights is also crucial to making sure you can operate your car safely. If your glass or headlights are foggy, you can't see the road ahead of you clearly, which will greatly impact your ability to make sure you aren't running into anything or anyone. So we're here to help make sure that your car not only looks good, but that you are also as safe as possible while you're driving!

Glass is often known as one of the most difficult surfaces on your car to clean. Because it is clear, every little defect, streak, and smear sticks out like a sore thumb. While this is quite a safety hazard, it also just makes your car look messy and really distracts from the rest of your immaculately detailed car! We are here to make sure that you have all the top notch glass polishes, glass cleaners, clay bars, and microfiber towels it takes to keep your glass clear and streak free both for your safety and your bragging rights!

Headlights, much like glass tend to give many detailers issues. While plastic may be a bit more forgiving than glass when it comes to showing imperfections, they are so much more difficult to repair that it can cause some serious frustrations. Lucky for you (and the other drivers on the road) we can give you all the tools, knowledge, and products you will need to get rid of all the haze and oxidation on your headlights. You will be left with crystal clear headlights that will let you see what's ahead, while turning a few heads in the process!

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