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RUPES Nano Long Neck Starter Kit

RUPES Nano Long Neck Starter Kit

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This compact, lightweight polisher relies on advanced battery technology to enable you to accomplish polishing tasks you never thought possible. The RUPES Bigfoot Nano with iBrid Technology makes it possible to accomplish the most challenging tasks in detailing, from polishing panels as small as 1-inches wide, to gently removing grease and grime from recessed areas of your car or motorcycle using a series of available brush attachments. RUPES Bigfoot Nano with iBrid Technology sets the new standard for innovation.

What exactly is the RUPES Bigfoot Nano with iBrid Technology? First and foremost, the Bigfoot Nano, available in short and long neck versions, enables you to CUT THE CORD and instead rely on Li-ION rechargeable batteries (either configuration includes two batteries). If you forget to charge one battery while the other is being used, you still have the option of plugging in the tool so you can continue to use it.

Secondly, the RUPES Bigfoot Nano with iBrid Technology gives you the option to switch between rotary, 3mm random orbital, and 12mm random orbital actions quickly and easily. In a nutshell, the RUPES Bigfoot Nano accomplishes the same task as 3 other tools, if such individual polishing options even existed in the first place! The RUPES Bigfoot Nano with iBrid Technology will forever change the way you detail.

Kit includes:
1 qty. iBrid Nano Long neck
2 qty. Rechargeable power pack
1 qty. Charger
1 qty. Functional Unit 12mm orbit
1 qty. Polishing backing pad 2 (50mm)

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