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Speed Master Coating Applicator

Speed Master Coating Applicator

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Dual-sided for the perfect application!

The Speed Master Coating Applicator is the perfect tool to apply a coating. This Speed Master Coating Applicator is soft and durable to give you a perfectly even coat every single time. The Speed Master Coating Applicator is designed to fit perfectly in your hand and to apply coatings to the surface of your vehicle without streaking or leaving unwanted build-up behind!

The Speed Master Applicator is soft enough to absorb the right amount of coating and be gentle on the surface, but not be over-saturated. This is thanks to a special lining inside the applicator on both sides. Because of this feature, you won't feel the need to add too much product on the applicator.

While microfiber applicators aren't typically reusable, because of this absorbent feature, you may be able to get a few uses out of it. Plus, the dual-sided nature of the Speed Master Coating Applicator prevents cross-contamination, with each side being a different color, one red and the other black.

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