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Speed Master Sublime Edgeless Coating Removal - 3 Pack

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Item Description

Speed through your coating removal! The Speed Master Sublime Edgeless Coating Remover Towel is a quick and handy go-to towel for all your coating removal needs. With its edgeless design, you can buff safe knowing that there is little to no chance of marring on your freshly detailed surfaces. Speed Master Sublime Edgeless Coating Remover Towel is woven specifically for the removal of coatings. It has a soft touch that is extra gentle on sensitive clear coat finishes. Made with a densely woven microfiber and having a 350gsm, the dense loops give the towel an uneven texture that is excellent at removing different types of coatings. These loops enable the cloth to grab the coating residue and completely remove it from the paint surface better than the average microfiber towel. Plus, the woven loops of microfiber serve as their own hem, so they will not unravel no matter how many times you wash it. The Speed Master Sublime Edgeless Coating Remover Towel makes the removal of coatings a breeze! Try it for yourself and see how the soft, looped texture and no-edge design make coating removal easier and faster than with any other towel. Bonus, the unique bright green color will stand out to you in any situation and will help prevent cross contamination. 16" x 16" 3 Pack

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Highly recommend the one place for THE best car care products! I have used a lot of different products over the years and Wolfgang products are the best. There is truth in advertising with this company. The video (and written) how-to instructions are awesome! No doubts about the right way to do it. I'm hooked on these products and this company!

– Cristopher S.