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Wolfgang Interior Shampoo

Wolfgang Interior Shampoo

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Antibacterial protection for your interior!

Wolfgang Interior Shampoo is an excellently formulated interior cleaner designed to remove contaminants from virtually all interior surfaces. Feel extra safe from potential viruses with Wolfgang Interior Shampooís defense against germs because of its antibacterial ingredients. Wolfgang Interior Shampoo also cleanses the air, removing odor causing bacteria. Wolfgang Interior Shampoo does not contain any harsh cleaners and will not cause any harmful side effects.

In a world where germs run rampant, it is important to stay clean and healthy wherever we can. There are obvious ways to keep germs away, such as washing your hands and covering your mouth when you sneeze, but there are other places germs can manifest that arenít as obvious. One of those places is your carís interior!

The most important factor of Wolfgang Interior Shampoo is that is contains a powerful antibacterial formula that keeps your interior germ free. Today, germs and viruses spread fast and itís important to keep all our surfaces clean and sterile. We practically spend as much time inside our car as we do anywhere else, so itís important that we keep it just as clean. Wolfgang Interior Shampoo has an improved polymer formula that creates nano-scale surfaces that organisms cannot attach themselves to, protecting you from the threat of germs. Wolfgang Interior Shampoo also freshens the air by removing the odor causing bacteria.

Wolfgang Interior Shampoo is designed to not only protect against germs, but also to remove dirt, grime, oils and more from virtually all interior surfaces. These surfaces include vinyl, plastic, fabric, headliners and leather. This formula is tough on bacteria, yet still does not contain any harsh cleaners and therefore causes no harmful side effects.

Save time, money and your health by using Wolfgang Interior Shampoo. This virus battling formula is easy-to-use, coming in the ease of a spray bottle. All you have to do fight of germs is spray the surface to be treated, agitate with a brush or microfiber towel if necessary and then wipe away with a clean microfiber towel. There is no excuse to be unprotected against germs with Wolfgang Interior Shampoo!

16 oz.

*If using on fabric, be sure to first test an inconspicuous area for colorfastness*
-Spray Wolfgang Interior Shampoo directly onto the surface to be cleaned.
-Gently agitate the surface using an interior brush or microfiber towel.
-Once contamination is removed, simply wipe away, no need to rinse!

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