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Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Rinseless Wash

Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Rinseless Wash

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A SiO2 take on a rinseless wash!

Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Rinseless Wash is the rinseless wash you know and love but with added SiO2 qualities! Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Rinseless Wash is steeped with added SiO2 protection, so that not only is your car just simply cleaned, but has added protection. Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Rinseless Wash produces a highly lubricated wash that leaves your surface glossy and slick. Plus, it is all done with only one 2-gallon bucket of water!

Giving your car a nice, gentle, lubricating bath is great… for those who have access to a supply of running water. However, not everyone is that lucky. But with the Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Rinseless Wash you can give your car a nice and protected wash your car without running water!

Before getting into the details of Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Rinseless Wash and what makes it so useful, the fact that it is a rinseless wash is a sell all on its own. Rinseless washes are able to be done without the use of running water. This is great for people who are limited by not having hose, but instead can fill up a bucket of water and just use that. Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Rinseless Wash can be most useful to those living in apartments/condos or even when working in colder weather. This makes your car washing, a lot less complicated. Plus, isn’t a hose for you to trip over!

Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Rinseless Wash is similar to the Wolfgang Uber Rinseless Wash, but with the added component of SiO2 to protection. This SiO2 protection will leave behind a hydrophobic layer, so prepare for some serious water beading!

Safe to use even in direct sunlight (you’re welcome!), so no matter the time of day or lack of shade, you can give your car a nice, luxurious bath. Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Rinseless Wash’s highly lubricating formula will remove surface contamination such as, dirt, dust and other debris, all without causing any harm to the surface. Once the surfaced is fully cleaned, all that will remain is a slick surface and a glossy look.

Perfect for maintenance, Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Rinseless Wash can be used to keep your ceramic coated surfaces looking good as new. Plus, when diluted correctly, Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Rinseless Wash can also be used as a waterless wash, a detail spray, a clay lubricant, and a car wash additive! To make it waterless wash, at 1/3 ounce to 16 ounces of water. For a clay lubricant, add 1 ounce to a gallon of water. If you want to make it a detail spray, add 3 ounces to a gallon of water. And finally, if you want to add lubricity to another car wash, add ½ ounce to another soap. It’s basically a 5-in-1 product!

16 oz.

How to Wash a Car without running Water

-Dilute 1 oz. of Wolfgang Uber SiO2 Rinseless Wash into a bucket containing 2 gallons of water.
-Soak a wash mitt or microfiber towels – you should plan to use at least 10 microfiber towels during a rinseless wash - in the solution for two minutes prior to use.
-Wash one 3 x 3 sq. ft. panel at a time, starting at the top of the vehicle.
-After you wash a panel, immediately dry it using a drying towel.
-Continue with this method until the entire vehicle is cleaned.

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