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Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Coating Complete Kit

Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Coating Complete Kit

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Wolfgang’s tools to a ceramic coating!

Get the Wolfgang seal of ceramic approval with the Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Coating Complete Kit. Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Coating is a professional grade coating that brings you a 9H hardness rating, hydrophobicity and protection. The Blue Microfiber Applicators are great for applying an even layer of the ceramic coating. Before you apply the coating, prep the surface with the intense cleaning power of Wolfgang Perfekt Finish Paint Prep. Wolfgang Perfekt Finish Paint Prep removes polishing oils, fillers and more to allow for a more secure and long-lasting coating. Finish up by buffing away any remaining residue with the Cobra Sky Blue Edgeless Polishing Cloths.

Items in this kit:

Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Coating
Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Coating is a professional grade paint coating designed to provide hydrophobicity, slickness and protection to all painted surfaces. With a hardness rating of 9H, Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Coating provides advanced protection against minor paint imperfections. With Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Coating you can wash your car without fear of altering your paint coating. Easy to apply, Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Coating is long-lasting and can be used by any level of experience.

Wolfgang Perfekt Finish Paint Prep
Wolfgang Perfekt Finish Paint Prep is a powerful cleaner that removes unwanted polishing oils, finger prints, fillers, and silicone oils from freshly polished surfaces. What’s the importance of removing the aforementioned contaminants before waxing, sealing, or coating your vehicle? Simply put, the cleaner the surface, the better your wax, sealant, or coating will adhere. This critical step is especially important when applying Wolfgang Uber Ceramic Coating, a resin-based surface coating that will only adhere to surfaces that have been first pre-treated with Perfekt Finish Paint Prep.

Blue Microfiber Coating Applicator
The Microfiber Coating Applicator is designed to fit perfectly in your hand and apply coatings to the surface of your vehicle without streaking or leaving unwanted build-up behind! This Microfiber Coating Applicator is soft and durable to give you a perfectly even coat every single time.

Cobra Sky Blue Edgeless Polishing Cloth
The Cobra Sky Blue Microfiber Polishing Cloth is woven specifically for wax and polish removal. It has a soft touch that is extra gentle on sensitive clear coat finishes. Plus, the cloth has no edges, making accidental scratches virtually impossible. Use this cloth the next time you wax your vehicle and I promise you’ll never use anything else!

Kit includes
1 50 ml. Wolfgang PROFI Ceramic Coating
1 16 oz. Wolfgang Perfekt Finish Paint Prep
2 Blue Microfiber Coating Applicator
6 16x16” Sky Blue Edgeless Polishing Cloths

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