Lake Country Wool Pad Spur

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Remove caked-on polishes from wool pads in seconds!

Keep your wool pads in working condition with Lake Country Wool Pad Spur. This unique tool removes caked-on polish from the wool pad on the fly so you can continue polishing. Save time and maintain pad performance with the Lake Country Wool Pad Spur.

The fibers on a wool pad are what give wool its cutting power. But over the course of a detail job, the wool fibers become caked with polish and lose their effectiveness. You have a couple of options when this happens: stop the polisher and replace the pad with a clean one OR quickly run the Lake Country Wool Pad Spur over the pad and continue working. If you're like most detailers, you'll pick option 2. The Lake Country Wool Pad Spur allows you to clean the pad without skipping a beat. Save time and minimize the amount of cleanup after the detail.

The Lake Country Wool Pad Spur has an ergonomic, angled handle and three spurring wheels. The metal spurs break up the caked polish and separate the wool's fibers to restore the pad's effectiveness.

The best part is that the Lake Country Wool Pad Spur can be used without removing the pad from the polisher. Simply spin the pad at a low speed as you hold the Spur against the pad. As the pad spins, the spurs restore the wool's texture so you can continue polishing effectively.

After you're finished detailing, use the Lake Country Wool Pad Spur to agitate your used wool pads while they soak in Wolfgang Polishing Pad Rejuvenator. The spurs loosen the polish residue in the wool better than you can by hand, and the spurs separate the wool fibers better than a brush.

If you use wool pads, you need the Lake Country Wool Pad Spur! In seconds you can restore the texture of the wool pad on your polisher and continue working. Work faster and get consistent results by cleaning your wool pads with the Lake Country Wool Pad Spur.


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